About me

Alex - owner of the CheckOnlineCasino.com

Who i am?

Hello! My name is Alex Spinov. First of all I want to apologize for my English. My English isn’t well. But I love slots, casino games. I also like to play in online casinos. Therefore, I created the site CheckOnlineCasino.com. It is created for the same as me.

What am I here for?

I live in Ukraine and have long been familiar with gambling. So I have a story to tell. I am pretty good at this topic. And I will be happy to help orient anyone who wants it. If you need any help playing online casinos, then find this information on my website or contact me at the contacts below. I can help you with any question. If I cannot do this, then I will tell you who can help you.

In what situations can I help?

I can help in the following situations and answer the following questions:

– How to choose a good online casino?

– How to play online slots for free?

– Where can I find a lot of free casino games?

– What bonuses are there in online casinos?

– What if the casino deceived me?

– What should I do and where to turn for help if I feel addiction to gambling?

How do I make money using this website?

I want you to understand that I make money by transferring players to sites of various online casinos using special affiliate links. If you clicked on this link in an online casino and registered there, your account will be assigned to my affiliate account. After that, I will receive 10-55% of the amount that the casino will earn from the money you spend. Do not assume that the online casino earns 100% of the money you lose. According to my estimates, online casinos earn about 75% of the money you spend.

It is also important to say the following. If you as a player are assigned to me and lose, then I earn. If you, as a player, win, then I move towards a negative balance. In any case, over a long distance, my earnings are with a plus sign. But at a short playing distance I can go with a minus sign. I believe it is important that you understand how I make money. This applies to all affiliates.

However, my main goal is not to earn money, but to list absolutely all online casinos and absolutely all online slots, games and bonuses. I can’t do it right away, but I’m moving towards my main goal – to give players the most comprehensive information about all casinos, slots and bonuses.

If you have questions for me or you need any help or advice in the field of online casinos, then contact me using the following contact details.

My contacts

e-mail: startazart@gmail.com

skype: lpalexei

Phone: +380960947912

Adress: Ukraine, Kiev, Agregatnaya 2

Post Index: 04074

P.S. I apologize again for my poor English