How many lines to choose in the slots?

Today we will analyze such an interesting thing as the ability to set the number of lines in the slots and what it affects. I think it is obvious to everyone that if we set the minimum possible number of lines, then the game becomes MORE dispersive, that is, we can win more relative to the bet, but we will win less often. Although there are a few points. If a casino uses adaptive mathematics, then the idea is that it doesn’t matter how many lines and at what bet we play, because the potential win is initially limited. But if the casino uses really random math, then the slot becomes simply more risky.

But! There are nuances here, in general I try to always play all the lines, the exception is the ala Book of RA slots, where the bonus game starts by simply dropping any 3 scatters, regardless of their positions and lines. That is, the number of lines displayed does not affect the chance of getting a bonus game, but in the bonus game the payout will certainly be less, since it will go along 5, not 10 lines. In games where it solves only the bonus, I think it is better to bet just the fewer lines – but a bigger bet than the other way around, usually it turns out to win more.

Another exception is slots with a small number of lines from 3 to 5, where it is sometimes advantageous to place a large bet and play on 1 line, all sorts of type 777, although you can charge in the same StarBurst on one line.

If we consider this matter from the point of view of mathematics, then at a more or less decent distance it does not matter how many lines to play, that is, fewer lines will simply be less likely to give out combinations, that’s all.

For me – it’s easiest to always play the maximum number of lines and is not steamed, I sometimes sometimes think no matter what you play, almost nothing depends on the player, you need to stupidly catch the right moment when the car will let you win. I think everyone knows that your choice in bonus games of all kinds of wilds, the number of spins, etc. does not affect anything, and this is already known to the computer in advance, more precisely the amount that it is ready to pay you.

If anyone has any strategies with a game with fewer lines – write, I will be glad to discuss, but it seems to me that is all nonsense!

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