Why you can not win at the casino

I decided to write this article after one review, I will not copy it here. In a nutshell – a person won first in a casino, and then playing in any slots – he writes that he is no longer lucky and the casino has a limit on winning on one account, etc.

In fact, everything is simple. Guys, any win at the casino is MIRACLE! How does an online casino work? Everything is simple, there is a slot, it has mathematics, the average return on a slot is 95%. Making one spin for 1 bucks, you expect from it – 0.95 cents. 1000 bucks spins – expectation minus 50 bucks.

So you think why casinos make wagers from 40 and above. Everything is calculated mathematically! If the casino could control the winnings on each account, why would there be such wagers at all.

Accordingly, when we win and continue to play further, the probability of the next win is significantly reduced. Although it is debatable here, many say that each scrolling is an unrelated mathematical event, but I strongly disagree with this.

In any case, even if you don’t take all sorts of little things, how and what they twist, even if the casino is absolutely honest and there is a complete randomness, you skate. MINUS CARL!

A game in a casino – can be regarded solely as entertainment, and for each entertainment you need to pay. If you want to remove a heifer – pay, eat – pay. Why does everyone think that you can win something?

Yes, there are exceptions that a person registers and wins a lot of money, or plays and wins a month in every casino. Yes, it can be, but these are extremely rare events. True, then mathematics takes its toll – and people lose everything that they won and fill in their own.

You can still talk a lot on this topic, but you just need to understand that when you play CASINO, YOU LOSE MONEY! In general, to whom I say this … you yourself perfectly understand all this, just don’t write that the casinos specifically deceive me, twist accounts, steal my 10 bucks, etc. … understand there they don’t need to cheat, you choose this path and give your money. .

REMEMBER THIS. GAME IN CASINO = LOSS OF MONEY. It is not necessary that you make a deposit, win and solve problems. Yes, 1 time and 100 you will succeed and what? Then you still lose everything.

The approach to playing in a casino should be the same as the approaches to online games. You won’t let all your grandmas go to play some kind of dumb game?


Fu kind of wrote a post, now you can tell the truth. This is actually a standard post that can be seen on every site. Personally, I think that all casinos are rigged, though I still do not understand how, but I hope to find out xD Otherwise, how can I play a plus, according to the theory that I wrote there should always be a minus. but in fact I see that in the same Novomatic, newcomers and new acces are LUCKED MUCH more than the old ones, well, there are many other coincidences. on the one hand, as everyone writes – the bet does not affect the slot algorithm in any way, on the other – everyone had that often the same netent refuses to pour, although this is again explained by the fact that they put a lot on the little things, but hell, you when you constantly spin the slots and the slot keeps the balance and always pours a little less than what you won in the bonus.

In fact – I read an article that a person is ALWAYS, or rather, our brain, always looking for a pattern – when it is not there. A month ago, I was sure about the putty trigger in netent, then I tried to repeat it many times – and the bullshit came out. Now I think the best strategy is to deposit a large amount for you and turn it at a not very large rate. That is, if earlier I would have deposited 5 + 100 + 200 + 300 + 500 .. Now I would simply have deposited all the money that is and played at a bet with a margin of 300 bets.

What is the conclusion? Play ONLY in casinos that use licensed software and do not fool yourself. I’m personally tired of looking for patterns, now I’m more and more sure that the casino is stupidly random and there is no twist. Although often my brain thinks differently – but our brain is our enemy. Yesterday I lost a piece of bachey, today I feel terrible, then I won 500 bucks a week from 50 and consider myself the king of slots, and I already forgot about the fact that I lost a piece – that’s how we always think.

By the way, the fact that the casino is real random – helped affiliate affiliates. Since the site was created – many affiliate programs have been in the red, that is, players have won more than they contributed, for example, in the Joy Casino – one player won 20k bachels, several more players 2-3k each, in total minus 26 partners per month for the affiliate program, and players quite a lot, this is not statistics for 2-3 players.

Well, everyone remembers drifts in the redstar, where people from 100 bucks raised 20k and 30k bucks in 300 shields. I then wrote to the manager, asked what so many poured into these slots from you that they spit so much, to which I received an answer that even 10% of these amounts were not poured there.

In Novomatics, the situation is completely different. Usually, all newcomers to affiliate programs will win big there, and then slowly everyone will lower their deposits.

In short, I myself don’t know what’s all there is to it, I need to finish the post, but I still haven’t reached the logical conclusion) The main thing is to know in short – that casino is a MINUS theme, and not random random – everyone decides for himself!


I’m still playing current in slots. During his playing career, he has seen a bunch of people who TRY or TRY to solve games such as roulette, etc., are building some of their strategies and are sure that they can beat the system. And constantly without money, but everyone is trying to impose a cool “system”

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